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The Counter Cave

The High Tech Cave-Aging Culinary Humidor 


Groundbreaking Technology

The Counter Cave creates the perfect atmosphere and replicates the unique conditions found in Artisanal Cheese-Aging Caves to achieve sharper, more complex flavors.

the new kitchen essential for ANY cheese connoisseur!

Take a Tip From Centuries Ago


For centuries, steady temperatures and ideal humidity found in underground caves aged and matured cheeses. The results were unique complex flavors with a healthy variety of piquant cultures. 

Cave-Aging on Your Kitchen Counter


While modern cave-aged varieties of cheeses may be hard to find, the Counter Cave offers the alternative of transforming young cheese into an aged and sophisticated treat in your own home.

Showcase Your Unique Varieties


Transform your kitchen and showcase your specialty cheeses while aging them to achieve sharper, more complex flavors.

Works in Three Ways:

Perfect Temperature, Humidity, and Fresh Air Flow

Improves the taste, smell, and complexity by allowing cheese to age and mature. You can now take a young Brie and turn it into a more delicious, mature cheese experience.

Fully Automated with Smart Control

To control and remotely monitor your Counter Cave, connect your smartphone, Alexa or Google Assist to ensure the Counter Cave is working perfectly. You can also access recipes, education and more with the "SmartChef" companion application.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Enjoy the convenience of a removable serving platter to easily access your cheese in a quiet low profile design. You no longer need to fuss with layers of plastic bags, wax paper, plastic wrap or containers.