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The Counter Cave is ground breaking technology that creates the perfect atmosphere to replicate the conditions found in Artisanal Cheese-Aging Caves. You can also showcase your unique varieties of cheeses while aging them to achieve sharper and more complex flavors. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What temperature is the cheese?  Temperature is set by the user.

Is the dome replaceable?  Yes, it is replaceable.

Is there a lock on the dome lid in case I have pets or kids?  No

Does it plug into the wall or use batteries?  It plugs into an AC outlet.

Do I have to leave it on all the time like my fridge?  Yes, but it automatically moves to power saving mode based on the conditions.

Is this only for fancy cheeses or can I put my Kraft cheddar block next to my Triple Creme?  Any cheese will benefit with enhanced flavor and texture.

Will the flavor of multiple cheeses in the Counter Cave rub off on each other like a blue cheese to a mozzarella?  No, it’s highly unlikely.

Will it fit on my countertop?  It is approximately 10" high to fit on counters or under cabinets.